Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Rice and Yogurt Dessert

How about a dessert for a baby who cannot have sugar or egg or flour or milk? Here is a quick and easy rice dessert that gives the energy for the day while being awesomely yummy like a dessert (while you can also cheat them with a cup while you are having an icecream).

Of the million ways I tried to bring in curs (yogurt) into Athyn's diet, this is one that has closely worked. He somehow knows it by the smell every time, this desserts hides the smell pretty well!

Method to make Rice and Yogurt Dessert

1. Pressure one 3 tbsp broken rice (arisi upma rava) along with a fruit or two of your choice (apple, mango or avocado / butter fruit work best)
2. Blend in a mixer the cooked fruit rice along with homemade thick curd and a good amount of butter.
3. Make sure the curd is well set and not even slightly sour.
4. You can add sugar if you have started it for your baby, while blending. There is no better taste than butter and sugar blended well together I would say!

But simply the sweetness from the fruit (baked so tastes better) blending with the butter and curd gives a super smooth n awesomely sweet dessert ready for your baby to indulge in, even when under one year of age n is not on sugar yet!

PS: You can avoid the butter altogether too if your curd is made butter and rich by itself. 


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