Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Green Beans, Pumpkin and Cheese Soup

Hi all! So the blog has kick started well, with a much better response than I expected! So am all enthused to spend the lil my lil brat allows for me in the day (rather night) to spend on baby food blogging now.

Athyn is not much in soups or any liquid food for that matter, he's big time biter and wants to eat like us. But loved this one soup, i think its the cheese flavor. Green beans has been one thing that I am not able to get into his diet at all. It does not mash along with other vegetables during lunch time (dal kichdi with mixed vegetables) and when blended with water (or even BM) tastes kinda bitter. Even the Gerber beans is yucky (with and without rice). So in an effort to somehow get green beans in his meal, randomly came up with this soup and it was a success!

Method to make Green Beans, Pumpkin and Cheese Soup 

1. Wash and remove the strings out of both sides of  the beans (French Beans).
2. Cut into 3 or 4 pieces each.
3. Wash, peel and make 4 or 5 cubes out of the pumpkin.
4. Add any hard cheese of your choice (I used the cheese slices you get in Britannia / Amul)
5, Use previously boiled and cooled water to blend the same.
6. You can use a scoop of oatmeal to make it a thick soup, it adds to the flavor amazingly.

Be very careful about the Cheese choice. Cheddar is always the best option. Other than which hard cheeses like Gouda is okay for babies, but sometimes they are too elastic-ey for them to chew on and swallow. Avoid soft cheeses like blue cheese until baby is one year at least.

If baby is less than 8 months, you can make the soup without any cheese and add unsalted butter instead, its tasty in its own way.


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